Cats Everywhere Want Time Management for Cats

Cats Everywhere Want Time Management for Cats

It’s what cats have been waiting for: and now it’s here! Finally, a program that bats down old ideas, eviscerates paradigms, and launches cats into an exciting future where they sleep less and get more done — around the house, the community, even the planet!
And… it’s really here! In perfect binding paperback (or somesuch) brought to you for a mere $6.99. A small investment in your cat’s future career success.
Finally a book cats can really sink their teeth into and expand their mind. Don’t be the only cat on the block left behind. Keep up with the Jones’s cat for only $6.99.

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World’s Longest Cat?

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Self Help for Cats Presents Time Management for Cats

Welcome, cats of the world and their people. Now is an extremely exciting time to be a cat!

Our Ebook is out now at Smashwords, and can be purchased for $2.99.  The hardback is in production and should be available starting in April 2013.

Stay tuned here for more vital, breaking news of Time Management for Cats. To learn more about the cats behind this and other Self Help for Cats projects, please visit the Self Help for Cats site @ WordPress.

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